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Aerial photography in Auburn, Washington is one of the most exciting photographic applications. It allows you to reveal the natural beauty of areas that are often hidden from the ground. Aerial photography was first mounted on photographer’s aircrafts around 1920. The primary aim was to gather evidence of the environment from above; this enabled early aerial photographers to record and study the changing landscape below. As well as adding excitement, aerial photography can also provide valuable information on pollution levels and the health of ecosystems.

For an example, if you want to monitor a landfill site, it is possible to do this before it becomes too much of a problem. You can get aerial photographs showing the dumping of waste at the site. You can also see examples of environmental damage caused by various landfills located in the area. There are also aerial photographs revealing the condition of the soil in different locations around Auburn. This will allow you to plan the introduction of a recycling program for the site, if appropriate.

There are many other uses of aerial photography in Auburn. They include the monitoring of forests, wildlife preserves, agricultural lands, flood zones, power line towers, etc. The images obtained by aerial photography is indispensable as they reveal the condition of a landscape before it deteriorates.

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