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The people in the professional photography community always comment on the quality of landscape photography in Auburn, Washington. The number of photographers shooting in the city continues to rise, even with the weather being unpredictable in the state, because the conditions seem to favor the amateur than professional photography. Auburn still has some of the most picturesque landscapes available and the rich history of photography in the area continues to attract both students and professionals from all over the world.

The rich diversity of the natural landscape combined with the artistic style of photography practiced by local photographers has created a unique photographic culture in the state. A lot of this photography is done by amateurs with an inclination toward landscape photography and others who have an appreciation of art and nature but are not necessarily full-time landscape photographers.

Photography competitions, open houses and workshops have also helped to encourage the growth of the field of landscape photography in Auburn. This has led to many successful graduates being able to find employment right away. The state government has also been supportive of the photography scene by providing technical support and even funding some of the best students.

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